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Medication Reminders
CARE Customers

Partial List of CARE Customers

Call Reassurance clients Database Systems Corp. (DSC) is a leading provider of data management and contact center technology including senior calling prgrams and call reassurance phone systems and service.

Throughout our history, DSC has provides its products and services to a wide variety of customers, both in the private and public sector. The Company has also licensed its products throughout the world Saudi Arabia, England, Singapore, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, as well as to virtually every state of the U.S.

DSC provides call center services and products across all major industry categories. From churches, major corporations, governments, communities and schools to small business operations, DSC products help improve the productivity of individuals and organizations.

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CARE Providers

CARE Providers Besides offering medication reminders for elderly using the CARE system, DSC supplies our CARE telephone reassurance phone systems to community service organizations such as law enforcement departments throughout the U.S. Communities use these systems to check on the welfare of senior citizens, check-in on home alone children and provide medication reminders to seniors.

The following video was produced by one of our customers, the Okaloosa County Sheriff's office. It describes their use of our CARE system for calling senior citizens.

An interesting note is that this CARE system was purchased using money confiscated during a drug raid. The Sheriff of Okaloosa County "thanks" the drug dealer for helping the county purchase the "Best System He Could Buy" (CARE) to help check on the welfare of seniors in his county.

Other CARE Clients

Here is just a partial list of some of our other CARE (Call Reassurance) customers.

  • City Of Brentwood Police Department - Missouri
  • Columbia County Sheriff's Office - New York
  • Fairfield County Sheriff's Department - Ohio
  • Garland County Sheriff's Department - Arkansas
  • Gibson County Sheriff's Department - Tennessee
  • Pound Ridge Police Department - New York
  • Putnam County Sheriff's Department - New York
  • Rankin County Sheriff's Office - Mississippi
  • Senior Life Management (Grane Healthcare) - Pennsylvania

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